Want to visit the Sagrada Familia?

Overview of travel

The entrance to the Sagrada Familia is direct. Relax in a comfortable and spacious bus while a sympathetic and knowledgeable guide teaches you the world of fantasy and geometry of Gaudi.
You will begin with a walk along the Paseo de Gracia, this has the two most famousworks of Gaudí: Casa Batlló and La Pedrera. Then you manage to Sagrada Familia for the guided tour. You can check a pretty nice Sagrada Familia Tour at this website: http://barcelonacitytellers.com/sagrada-familia-tour-barcelona/ .

Details of the tour

  • When: Daily at 10 AM throughout the year; and at 15:15 except Sundays from April to November 1.
  • Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes approximately.
  • Language: English.
  • Price includes: entrance to the Sagrada Familia (worth €15).
  • Transportation: A spacious and comfortable bus with air conditioning included. Keep in mind that although the trip is by bus must be a walk.
  • Route: Plaza Catalunya, Paseo de Gracia, Eixample, façade of Casa Batlló, façade of La Pedrera, Sagrada Familia guided more leisure tour and Plaça Catalunya.

Why should you make the tour?

The Sagrada Familia is located at the end of the tour, so remain and in the buildingall the time you want or enjoy return with us by bus.
The most prominent are the Paseo de gracia and the Sagrada Familia. Also if you are interested to do a travel in Barcelona, I check this post on Citytellers about the park of Montjuic.

It includes

  • The tickets of direct access to the Sagrada Familia.
  • Bus spacious and air-conditioned with large panoramic windows to take some goodpictures.
  • Free time at the Sagrada Familia.

It does not include

  • Access to the towers of the Sagrada Familia.
  • Neither food nor drink.
  • There is water available on the bus for €1.
  • Pick up at the hotel. The starting point is located in the Centre of Barcelona Plaça Catalunya and with very good communications, close to the Rambla, the Gothic quarter and Paseo de Gracia.
  • This tour is only performed in English.

Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is the Crown Jewel of Gaudí’s work, but is still in construction.

  • Exterior: Each front explains a chapter in the life of Jesus. You will have to walk through the facade of the Nativity look closely, all the Nativity is represented there. On the other side of the basilica is the facade of the passion, which represents the stagesbefore the death of Jesus.
  • The basilica. There are no words that can describe the first time that you enter the Sagrada Familia. The curved columns resemble trees, light dancing inside and plays with a fascinating colors change to the other side of the aisle.
  • Museum. The workshop of study is essential to understanding how Gaudi worked and what was his thinking. The models used are beyond the imagination of any.

Check also this video on youtube about one nice tour of Gaudi in Barcelona.

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