Tapas tour in Barcelona, a nice Food Experience

Barcelona eating is an unquestionable passion. Tapas tour in Barcelona the good eating and good drinking are appreciated as an art which passes from generation to generation. Enjoy tapas at the beginning may be a little vague, with so much offer it is difficult to distinguish between more and less authorized these meals and fresh.

Find out what they offer these incredible tours of tapas tour

See our tapas tour in Barcelona, and approves that you organize a remarkable dining experience that you would find it difficult to undertake on your own. Come and meet our gastronomic culture and enjoy an unforgettable stay in Barcelona.


The tapas tour in Barcelona has been developed by us with much effort and dedication, we are lovers of the good, for tourists to eat good art in gastronomy enthusiasts. Our tapas tour Barcelona is a legitimate experience that you will expose the services of three establishments in tapas style very uneven and very beloved by connoisseurs and the local clients. You can check the best tapas tour in Barcelona by this link.
The first stop, takes us to a wine cellar very loved by the residents of the Barri Gòtic (Gothic quarter). Here, we will obtain an initial making contact with local cuisine Tasting tapas and authentic Spanish ham.
The second stop is at a highly respected Tavern very well recognized by locals for itsatmosphere and culture, where we will continue with savor the covers this and moretraditional and powerful back like crazy on your palate.
At our final stop, we go to a restaurant of gourmet meals. CityTellers we have obtained access to very researched tapas restaurants, there will place us comfortable andtaste a gastronomic adventure with sloped ingredients and beautiful combinations,all in attractive company. During the tour, will be served a total of 12 caps and 5 drinks quality that you can see with so much pleasure. This post in Barcelona Citytellers its pretty interesting If you visit Barcelona, it talks about the best malls in Barcelona.
Tapas: Tapas, despite its early humble as small pieces of food that are served in barsto accompany drinks passed to integrate part of food culture.
More than anything, caps are an exclusive representation of sharing food with smallportions and great complexity in order to try a variety of flavors in a single meal andencourage conversation and socialising.
Tapas tour in Barcelona offer is varied, and includes from recipes used as the “prawns to garlic” or the “Faves Catalan” (beans seasoned with sausage and Mint), or thesuper montaditos rinses on small wheels of bread, to the more sophisticated creations of contemporary chefs “caps of design”. In this youtube video you can check a nice tapas tour in Barcelona.
They are prototype that are the most significant in the illustration of the “tapas” is that you it’s an action that should be practiced as a whole and thus cedera maximumdiversity of dishes and go commenting on each prescription charities.

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