Food tours in Barcelona

Enjoy the best of gourmet culture of Catalonia here range from 3 to 4 hours of a food tour in the city of Barcelona.
During your departure you can visit some of the famous bars in the city around La Rambla, which la Boquería market and Gothic quarter accompanied by an expert in food guide, are learning how to order these iconic appetizers like a local.

Pair your tops with included wine, cider or beer, and then consider a flamenco show of 50 minutes which is optional in the trendy area of El Born in Barcelona.


  1. 3 hours visiting Barcelona by walk, before dinner.
  2. Guided walk from La Rambla and the Gothic quarter.
  3. Visit to the famous La Boqueria market.
  4. Stop at 2 sites of food, tapas and wine, beer or cider (if you select the not updated travel).
  5. A great introduction to Barcelona.
  6. Learn how to order tapas and discover the best bars and cafes in Barcelona.
  7. Specialized gourmet guide.
  8. Upgrade your experience to enjoy a flamenco show with a few drinks in the District of el Born Dalmases Palace.

Why our informants chose this tour?

Visit the famous bars with nice food of Barcelona in this beautiful journey full of good and delicious food and drinks. Towards the end of the night you will have the confidence to leave your account and order of caps in the way that you would a local. I check some nice information too about costa brava and his natural parks surrounded with pure nature, here in this post.

What you can expect of a food tour in Barcelona by walk

Open the appetite to taste a good and delicious food from the culture of Barcelona during 3-4 hours touring tops walk with an expert guide.

Find out all the details about the fascinating Catalan culture surrounding food tailored as prepare the order like a local and try some dishes of the city in its famous food and access points.

Check this video:, and you will see an example of a nice tapas and food tour in Barcelona.

Start your experience in the Centre of Barcelona in the afternoon, gathered in a gastronomic food centre designed to introduce tourists and gourmets alike to the city’s legendary culinary scene. Experience a variety of Spanish traditional flavours in the Centre, including also the sausages, bread and cheese, accompanied with a drink.


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