Clash Royale for Android

While the game doesn’t have too long, already some people are playing it since it is available in a store of applications, for which there are competitors with much more experience than someone new, then to make your stay in Clash Royale much more pleasant; I have prepared a list of tips that I know that you will be quite useful.

If you have ever played any delivery of Supercell, you can skip this point, if not, then read on… Don’t waste your gems, please, you’ll greatly. It is possible that you feel that you get a normal amount of gems, but as you upload, it is much more difficult to reach such high numbers, so trying to play without using them, surely in the future you’ll. A lot of people wants the tricks and hacks about clash royale, for example to earn all that free gems clash royale that they want, check this link for clash royale hack.

Always open the chests when they vacate one, will allow you to collect cards and resources more quickly, it is very easy that you accumulate at the beginning if you manage to grab the thread of the game and win battles most multiplayer.

Get crowns and always collect your free box
Try to get the most crowns in the battle, since thanks to them you will be able to open the chest of Crowns. On the other hand, the game offers us a free chest every so often, for example, the first time that you collect it you must wait 3 hours to open the next.

You have to try your cards: see your stats, improving them where necessary and use them in battle to see their performance, to achieve good combinations and apply strategies with a well-armed mallet that give you the victory and, in the worst cases, two crowns to open the chest of Crowns. The good thing is that Clash Royale allows us to have 3 different barajas, so when we have more cards we can make master combinations and strategies.

It can be tempting to buy a pair of gems to make progress, but it is the worst decision you can take, since at first the amount of given gems go according to the money spent from a point of view of someone who is allowed to buy items in a game, but as it progresses, it is the game is becoming ridiculously expensive and all that money spent to the debut single will allow you to go a little further than someone who does without spending a penny. Obviously, if you have money to spend on it you can afford to buy a pack every time or just buy it on special occasions.

Clash of clans, Boom Beach, there are day… Now Clash Royale. All have been created by supercell and obviously all have the same income, purchases within the application system, and this is due to the amount of time one needs to have a breakthrough in-game, so you should be patience to play quietly while the game has been designed.

Like I said in an article on clash of clans, I do not recommend be lonely in this type of games. There is nothing better to belong to a clash in which may form a kind of family, can perhaps be jumping from clan in the clan to find one where you feel comfortable, but is actually quite nice when you get one that there is some connection with the members. You can share your achievements, helping others, which will help you, among other advantages which offers this option so special and that makes this type of addictive games a little bit more than felt.

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